About us
“MG - Digital Company” is an international PR studio founded by Marina Gubareva. We are a team of young and ambitious marketers and PR specialists who have been doing their job perfectly for 10 years.

The company's portfolio includes clients from B2B and B2C: medicine, beauty industry, coaching and psychology, finance, horeca, digital, construction and interior design.

The team promotes companies and experts in the Internet (including promotion in social media, reputational content, contextual advertising) and through the Mass Media (publications in print and online editions; broadcasts on TV and radio at the federal and regional levels).

We do PR with a financial result. It means that the PR strategies that we develop and implement increase the sales of our clients’ services along with the value of their brand on the market.

Based on our practical experience, our team has developed algorithms to work with the target audience of an expert or a company. And that's why we know exactly which tools will increase brand awareness in a short time, strengthen the loyalty of the audience and new customers. Quantitative indicators can be found in the "Portfolio" section.

International PR studio
for Media and Internet Promotion